State of Decay Early Access






State of Decay Early Access

Third person shooter action game, embedded in post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Gameplay offers big open area to free exploration. Player’s main goal is staying alive and facusing on rebuild community structure.

There are over z dozen playable character, every with unique skills. To quick displace to farther locations protagonist can use cars. Many miscellaneous achievment gives you log hours of entertaiment.

I really like this game, it’s simillar to the other liked-by-me zombie games like Dead Rising 2 and Dead Island Riptide. I enjoy almost every post-apocalyptic/zombie games and I really enjoyed that one.

State of Decay Early Access features:

  • quick access to State of Decay Early Access
  •  play game before anyone
  • zombie massacre! :D

 In package you’ll find crack to steam version of State of Decay Early Access. Add game to steam and play. More detailed instruction inside file.


11 thoughts on “State of Decay Early Access

  1. munky

    Thats the point, if you are looking for such good stuff you must prepare for some risk but price could be amazing.

  2. b00mz

    You saved my nuts colleague.Getting throught all the stinky fake uploads was worth to find this pearl at the end of my journey.

  3. colton

    This is a freaking amazing game. Better than I expected. Should have bought a legit copy but I was short of my money.

  4. Danny

    I highly recommend this game for those who want to play shooter games with the feel of mystery on it.


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