Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC Crack






Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC Crack

Main competitor of Fifa 14 is now on PC. Produced by Japanesse Studio Konami. As far as I an concerned I always like Fifa more. But this title deserved to attention too. The advantages are: nice graphic, good players mapping, a lot of stadiums and clubs.

There no doubt about it that there is endless fight between Konami and Electrinic Arts studios. Next year and next new football simulator. I like football a lot and i like to sit with my budy’s and play some matches. Gameplay is really smooth and nice. I like the way PES improve his products. Every next part is better than previously one.

In 2014 version beside updated players look we can see new featured. New ball control system delight, I really like new ability of controling players behaviour. Big changes present players outfit too. Now you can catch or pull opponents for T-shirt.

Pro Evolution Soccer PC Crack gives you opportunity to play PES for free. Unpack rar, copy file to main directory and play game! That’s it, that’s all! It’s easy.


Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Features:

  • independent animate player’s outfit
  • control the behavior of individual players ability
  • new ball control system


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