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Alien Rage PC Crack

First preson shooter created by Polish studio, City Interactive. The action takes places in future. The plot focuses on  the struggle of humanity from an alien race.

The game looks like Quake and Unreal conjuction with scoring system for effective action (for example: headshots). We have 14 intense levels, several dozen kind of enemies, many machine guns to kill opponents. After each mission, the player must stand up to fight a boss.

Graphic in game is marvelous, I really like every location, weapon design and opponents looks. City Interactive made good job. Impressive explosions, parts of body fly around big guns for big boys. Battle hardened Alien forces will attack you from every direction using various flanking and attack moves. It has its moments of frustration with the difficulty, but the weapons and score-based mechanics really make it shine over other titles in the genre. The multiplayer is surprisingly fun, and many FPS fans will find a lot of enjoyment out of the entire package.

It pokes fun at the genre in all the right places but, when it needs to get down to business and actually feel like a decent shooter, it does that well too.

The multiplayer is surprisingly fun, and many FPS fans will find a lot of enjoyment out of the entire package. I suggest giving it a try if you enjoy arcade style first-person action.

Alien Rage PC Crack features:

  • 14 intense levels
  • several dozen kind of enemies
  • big machine guns
  • beautiful, future location



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